Country: Italy


Cosmodata srl is a company operating in the ICT sector (Information and Communication Technology).
Its main activity is consultancy and support on ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) and in everything connected to the “world” of communication and information management.

Cosmodata srl is part of the “Farina Group” and it operates - in a transversal way – into the various companies of the group, becoming “interpreter” of the ICT world in all its various and continuous developments.
In consideration of the strategic importance of innovation into business processes and into customer service, the “Farina Group” can rely on Cosmodata to obtain the maximum output on innovation, sharing processes through highly specialized personnel, involved into the needs and requirements of its partners.

Cosmodata, thanks to a strict co-operation with other companies belonging to the ICT field, is continuously updated about new technologies, and can therefore exchange views and information in order to perform best possible solutions.

As the ICT field has become more and more complex in its various specializations, Cosmodata relies on a good team of internal and external consultants, to offer the maximum in terms of support and innovation.